Accepting your child’s hearing loss

When you realise that your child is having a hearing loss, you might feel anxious and helpless, at first. It may be difficult to accept what the doctors tell you. This is a perfectly natural reaction, as we all want the best for our children. 

Fortunately, with today’s technology there is a lot of support to get for children with hearing loss. Today’s hearing aids are so advanced that even children with profound hearing loss can benefit from them. Although hearing aids cannot restore your child’s hearing, they can help improve your child’s quality of life and they are also critical to learning. Your child’s ability to speak, listen, develop, enjoy social life and go to school and later pursue work goals will reach its full potential. 

Remember you are not alone. Many other parents have a child with hearing loss and have found a way. Sharing your experience with parents in a similar situation may help you. They can support you and share real-life information as you are looking for ways to support your child – and within this kind of networking, your child also gets to meet other children with hearing loss.

What you can also do

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    Just ask – we are here for you

    As your child grows it will need frequent visits to the hearing centre to get fitted with the right size of hearing aids. These visits are also your opportunity to ask questions and to share any concerns you may have.

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    Let your child have a say

    Once your child’s language is developed, allow your child to reflect upon his/her own experiences, feelings and needs during these visits. It is important for their willingness to wear hearing aids and in order to make your child take responsibility for their hearing loss.

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    Be clear in your communication

    Remember 3 basic rules when you communicate with your child: 1. Speak clearly at a normal pace – you don’t have to shout. 2. Keep your face in view when you talk, so you child can read your lips and see your facial expressions. 3. Try to avoid background noise.


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