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hearing aid: Oticon More™

The world's first hearing aid proven to support the brain’s natural way of organizing and processing sounds. 

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Oticon More

» Better speech understanding with less effort
» Rechargeable
» Experience more clarity and focus
» Bluetooth connectivity


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Test Oticon's new hearing aid

Audika is looking for people who want to improve their hearing and test out the latest hearing aid technology, during a 30-day FREE trial.

The process is simple:

  1. Book a free hearing test

  2. A hearing care expert will complete a quick and easy hearing assessment

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Improve your every day life with Oticon More

On top of getting the best out of every listening situation, Oticon More delivers the following:

  • Bluetooth connectivity:
    connect to your favorite devices

  • Discreet style:
    Sits discreetly behind the ear and is available in 8 colors

  • Rechargeable battery:
    easy-to-use, quick recharge, eco-friendly

  • Remote support:
    Connect to your audiologist
    from the comfort of your own home

Better listening experience with BrainHearing technology

Traditional hearing aids are designed to focus solely on speech coming from in front of you. Oticon More is the world's first hearing aid that gives the brain the full perspective, which has the following benefits:

  • Follow multiple conversations and choose what to focus on

  • Access and make sense of meaningful sounds in your surroundings

  • Receive an unparalleled understanding of speech in noisy environments

  • Hear more with less effort

  • Automatically adapt to your sound surroundings and receive a personalized listening experience